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Декабрь 19, 2014 By: admin Category: Kitchen

878821  Any housewife knows less than in the kitchen cracks and gaps between furniture, the better. And not only because it saves precious space.

Just for the cabinets, the stove and in the gaps between them tend to fall forks, spoons and other trifles. Besides, if there’s something leaked, wipe the side surface is very difficult will not be the same each time moving heavy cabinets with dishes.


Embed the sink can be almost any kitchen. The top is cut a hole under it, sink there is inserted, and the joints sealed. Now the water will not leak, and looks nice.
Cooktop and oven

Invoice cooktop will replace free-standing stove with oven. By the way, the oven can not start — then under the panel is a regular locker. You can move the oven, placing it in another corner of the kitchen, for example, at the waist level. Say, to get it hot cakes much easier than bending down.

3423323 Refrigerator

Embed the fridge or leave it freestanding — a matter of taste of the hostess. On the one hand, built-in fridge similar to the usual wardrobe of the same material as the entire kitchen. On the other hand, modern refrigerators come in all colors of the rainbow, and to pick up something in unison with the rest of the furniture is not difficult.
Dishwasher and washing machine

The large kitchen underneath the countertop integrated dishwasher and washing machine. One of the guests will never guess what is hidden behind doors stylish of the same type of lockers.

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