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Buying the front door with savings for the family budget

Декабрь 06, 2014 By: admin Category: Doors

  1padvWhat we want to see your front door? Strong, reliable, of course, qualitative, and preferably visually appealing.

All these characteristics are usually correlated with the product of the elite class, for which not all of us are willing to pay big money. Actually, knowing some of the nuances, you can choose the door for much less money, without sacrificing quality. Consider a few essential factors that affect pricing.
The thickness of the sheet metal
It is clear that to reveal a thin sheet of metal experienced criminal will not be easy, so the desire to buy the door with the greatest possible thickness of the basics is quite understandable. However you should not overpay for the extra millimeters, which already do not affect the strength characteristics of the material, and only make the door more difficult. 1.5-2mm thickness — it is the optimal value, beyond which there lies nothing but waste.
In the desire to make their «fortress impregnable, many are willing to spend big money on expensive locks with a three-way locking system. If in your area there are attackers, ready at night or in broad daylight, not afraid to attract attention, use a grinder or a crowbar, then perhaps this option yourself and justify.

However, most burglars prefer to work quietly. And in this sense, the protection of such serious castle and more budget options would be comparable.
It is better to install a few more cheap locks with secrets, or the second entrance door with other locks, which will increase the time for opening and may thereby help to pay attention to the commotion next to your door someone from neighbors. About features such additional doors can be read here: the second entrance door.
External finish
If your goal is to get inexpensive but high quality entrance door, on models with a complex finish (various inserts, moldings, different color parts, stamping, etc.) it is better to forget. All of these additional items have absolutely no effect on the reliability front door, but, of course, increase its cost. Simple powder coating looks also quite decent, and most importantly — the door with such a finish is cheaper.
Be sure to specify who is the manufacturer of the selected model. Cheapest on the market models offer Asian companies, but the quality of their products leaves much to be desired. Even if you are very short of funds, it is better to refuse from such a purchase.
European and American manufacturer offers much more quality product. However, spending on transportation of products significantly increase their initial cost.
Domestic manufacturer could compete with the best European standards, but the cost will be much cheaper.
What else can help to save on the buying front door?
Shipping, dismantling old doors and other additional services can also force you to fork out. If you are able to do all this yourself, then, respectively, and a portion of your funds will remain with you. And if you can still install the door on their own or with someone’s help, then your money can be calm.
Follow these tips, you soon will be able to become the owner of reliable, beautiful and inexpensive door.

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