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Furniture Italy

Декабрь 26, 2014 By: admin Category: Furniture

1-3 Models of furniture from Italy are updated so quickly that a simple buyer can barely keep up with news.

Furniture manufacturers every year happy new collections.

Italian furniture is unique in terms of design decisions, completeness and consistency. (далее…)

Special wood for furniture

Декабрь 07, 2014 By: admin Category: Furniture

me00  Furniture made of expensive wood, not lost its relevance in our time.

In the end of any wood material in comparison with artificial already is more prestigious. Once solely the Palace furniture, modern decorates the interiors of the houses of the 21st century, is an indicator of the status of its owner. What is such a high popularity of such furniture for several centuries?Let’s give the answer to this question in our article.


How to choose the colors of the sofa and armchairs for the living room?

Декабрь 06, 2014 By: admin Category: Furniture

140eta3 The sofa is the center of any living room.

It is the basis of the room, because the most important thing in the arrangement of the living room is the convenience of guests. Addition to the sofa normally serve as chair, who, like the sofa should be comfortable, quality and appropriate under the General style of the room. (далее…)

What is unusual round beds?

Декабрь 06, 2014 By: admin Category: Furniture

14a1  Lovers of unusual and stylish design will appreciate the beds round shape.

The undoubted advantage of the beds of this form is that by using this product, the atmosphere in the room is filled with comfort and harmony of fine lines. This bed not only has the original style solutions, but also meets all the requirements of convenience and comfort. (далее…)

Furniture attic

Декабрь 06, 2014 By: admin Category: Furniture

sdre The limited space of this space, regulated by the slope, the design of the roof slab, leads to the selection of furniture, equipment, which must meet certain requirements.

These include versatility, compactness, simplicity of design, ease of use. The presence of different niches, the inclination of the planes of the walls and ceiling allow you to use the suspension, built-in or bunk beds, pull-out cabinets, cabinets, work bench with lift lid. (далее…)

How to arrange furniture in a bedroom

Декабрь 05, 2014 By: admin Category: Furniture

spalny  Creating the right atmosphere in the bedroom is essential for mental and physical well-being of its inhabitants.

Therefore, when planning the interior of a bedroom it is important to consider each piece of furniture, as well as part of the space they will occupy, and what functions it should perform. (далее…)

Durable and beautiful upholstery for the sofa. How to make the right choice?

Декабрь 05, 2014 By: admin Category: Furniture

ggna  Today the market offers a huge variety of different sofas, which differ from each other not only by the mechanism and the structure and material of the upholstery.

Beautiful leather sofa recliner you can buy in the company Merelava. And buyers, financial condition which does not allow you to buy a sofa, you can pay attention to the sofas upholstered in microfiber, satin, jacquard, suede or faux leather. In any case, if you need a sofa, wants his upholstery was of high quality, durable and beautiful. (далее…)

Features of a choice of children’s sofas

Декабрь 04, 2014 By: admin Category: Furniture

666rriSooner or later the child grows up from the crib and at this moment parents have a need of providing the kid with a berth.

Thus parents have to consider that the berth was comfortable, safe and cozy, and to these criteria, the children’s sofa as well as possible approaches. (далее…)