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Wall-slides for the living room and hall

Январь 06, 2015 By: admin Category: Living room

9-7-77  The elements of the slides.
Its name slides-wall was due to the modular structure, which is established in increasing height combinations. They can consist of the following elements: (далее…)

Furniture for living room

Декабрь 30, 2014 By: admin Category: Living room

21-2  Not all are able to get quite a spacious apartment. What if for the reception there is a spare room?

In many small apartments combine the living room with a bedroom. In these rooms in the centre of attention is the sofa bed. It is a sofa bed provides the functionality of the room. Therefore, his choice should be approached with great responsibility. (далее…)

How to make interior modern living room?

Декабрь 28, 2014 By: admin Category: Living room

1-6  The most important task when creating the interior of the living room is the selection of furniture. It depends primarily on the intended style of the room. But in addition to the aesthetic attractiveness of the living room should be ergonomic and practical. Currently, interior designers around the world are trying to move away from the former once fashionable furniture walls. (далее…)

How to decorate a living room in modern style

Декабрь 07, 2014 By: admin Category: Living room

g650  The living room is the place where we meet guests, gather your family quiet evenings.

Therefore, this room should be on a special cozy, convenient and comfortable. But how to make a living in a contemporary style? Let’s try to sort out this issue. (далее…)

How to choose chairs for living room

Декабрь 06, 2014 By: admin Category: Living room

saa1 The most essential interior of any living room are elite chairs.

They are chosen depending on the overall style of the room, and taking into account some other important criteria.
First of all, it’s very important the height of the chair. The feet should touch the floor, and the knees should be at 90 degrees. (далее…)

Small living room.

Декабрь 04, 2014 By: admin Category: Living room

yuyuy  The main destination of a living room is a vacation spot, reception of guests.

The design of this room has to correspond to mood of owners. In this room has to be conveniently and pleasantly receive guests, celebrate holidays, and on weekdays to have a rest from work.
If the room for a drawing room big – problems with a choice of design and arrangement of such room of problems doesn’t arise, and here what to do if a drawing room small? (далее…)