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Color box in the bedroom

Февраль 01, 2015 By: admin Category: Bedroom

14088888You want to decorate your bedroom most original and unusual? Tired of the standard «designs»? There is a desire to try something completely new? Then you can pay attention to this moment in interior design bedroom color as the window!
Find out what are the colored Windows, which are made frames for them, how they fit into the overall environment… and much more.

What is the color of the window?
First of all, try to understand what is called colored boxes? This window having special characteristics such as: high durability, high resistance to temperature, etc. of the Frame can be made of wood, and aluminum, etc. should be noted that the colored Windows are more refined and stylish look than regular Windows.

As «achieved» the desired color of the glass? Convenient is that the tint of the window you can choose according to your own taste or atmosphere in the bedroom in which you plan to install it. Color is done using a special coating of acrylic desired shade.


Your bedroom and color box
Having established the fact that the tint of the glass can be selected in accordance with your taste and also for compatibility with the interior of a bedroom, consider how the colored Windows will look in rooms of different styles. However, here, as you know, there is no limit to imagination…. However, let’s start with country style.

The style of «country» is perfectly compatible with a variety of colors and their shades. Therefore, the glass in the bedroom country can be in the «spectrum» tones such as pale blue, pastel green, coffee with milk, lilac and other Combination can be successfully emphasize using unobtrusive cozy accents in the room: rug, pillows, soft toys and so on

In the bedroom in the style of «minimalism» well can fit the window calm gray (smoky, ashy) shade. Especially if in a room, for example, there is a rug or decorative panels on the walls the same shade.

In the interior of the «Empire» with a predominance of red and Burgundy urgent will become a window or multiple Windows of the same color. Important not to permamnet» glass acrylic coating. Here, as indeed in many other moments, the important measure and the «Golden mean».

The colored Windows, you can try with other design styles bedrooms, even with the classics. The main thing — correctly to combine accents and do not overdo the intensity of the color.

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