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Декабрь 04, 2014 By: admin Category: Interior and design

1366  From the point of view of design, the one-room apartment with a niche is always very difficult and interesting.

As a rule, in such room it is necessary to place at once some functional zones, and the niche has to help with implementation of the plan. Thus for a young family to buy such apartment in Anapa not so difficult, after all it usually has the big area of the room and the two-room costs not so much, such as.
Before to begin repair in such apartment, it is necessary to decide on its design. And all depends on the sizes of a niche and its mission. In a niche it is possible to arrange a bedroom, wardrobe, a recreation area, the mini-nursery or an office.
Most often the niche in the one-room apartment is used for creation of a bedroom.

Even if in a niche there is a window, it is enough to buy dense curtains and the morning sun won’t hinder rest. In order that such niche looked interestingly, it is necessary to adjust in it two types of lighting – ceiling and wall. The first is necessary for soft illumination of all niche, and the sconce on a wall will be a light source for reading.
Designers advise to replace a bed with a mattress which keeps within on a podium up to 1 meter high. In the bottom of a podium it is possible to arrange some drawers.

It will allow to save space and to store many useful subjects near at hand. At a headboard of a bed it is possible to arrange a rack, and opposite to a bed to hang up the TV.
Also recently there is popular a placement of the wardrobe room in a niche. Thanks to such zone, all remained area of the room can be unloaded from unnecessary cases and shelves.
If in a niche there is a window with a beautiful look, it can be used as a corner for rest.

Having put a table, chairs or a sofa there, it is possible to create an oasis of harmony and a privacy. The built-in boxes will help to make design harmonious and beautiful.
If in a family there is a small child, will be more practical to arrange the mini-nursery in a niche. In it it is necessary to place at once three zones: rest and dream, game zone and zone of study.



Thus with age the kid will need to be reduced his game zone, and to increase a study zone. Placement of a desktop at a window will become excellent option, and for a protection of the nursery it is possible to use gipsokartonny partitions.
Business people most often place the house offices in a niche.

There it will be able far from all, in silence and tranquillity to be engaged in the work. Even in this case designers don’t recommend to establish partitions. The study so will perfectly fit into the atmosphere of the one-room apartment.

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