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Durable and beautiful upholstery for the sofa. How to make the right choice?

Декабрь 05, 2014 By: admin Category: Furniture

ggna  Today the market offers a huge variety of different sofas, which differ from each other not only by the mechanism and the structure and material of the upholstery.

Beautiful leather sofa recliner you can buy in the company Merelava. And buyers, financial condition which does not allow you to buy a sofa, you can pay attention to the sofas upholstered in microfiber, satin, jacquard, suede or faux leather. In any case, if you need a sofa, wants his upholstery was of high quality, durable and beautiful.

How can you choose?
First of all before choosing is to decide how important the type of upholstery or the value has only the color and the presence of the pattern. Presented at the shops of models you can select the «soft», «smooth» or «rough» sofa.

The first type are sofas with velour, suede or flock upholstery. Smooth are considered to be artificial or natural leather, satin or tapestry, and that’s fine roughness differ chenille, micrologica or matting.

And make a choice in favor of one or another material upholstery will help the knowledge of the characteristics of each of them.
Artificial leather are very presentable. It differs durability and strength. This sofa with this upholstery will cost less than a sofa made of leather.
Genuine leather is resistant to abrasion. Behind the sofa with leather upholstery, easy to maintain, and it presentable no doubt.
One of the popular materials upholstery sofa is the matting.

The material is durable. It is suitable even for sleeping sofas and resistant to damage from the teeth and claws of animals. Easy maintenance and durability allows it to be popular sofas with such padding. However, when choosing this material upholstery should pay attention to the cycles of abrasion and density.

However, the more expensive the Mat, the higher her quality.
A nice touch is velour. It is a natural material that is very breathable and non-allergenic.

This material is typically used for children’s sofas, but its life span is 5-7 years. To clean this sofa can only dry or in the traditional way. But Ironing the material is afraid.
Strong and durable material for sofas is the flock. It is resistant to abrasion, pleasant to the touch and is not afraid to temperature changes.


Take care of him can only be dry cleaned, as the material is water resistant.
The choice of material for upholstery sofa depends on the wishes of the buyer. If he wants to provide a durable, soft sofa, it will suit velour or flock, for the stature — it is better to buy sofas with leather upholstery, but if there is a child, the better will be the sofa with velour upholstery.

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