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Favorite topics for the colder months

Декабрь 07, 2014 By: admin Category: Interior and design

5649 In winter, nature puts on his white outfit and carries away vivid colors for spring.

However, this does not mean that you can not refresh winter interiors, color and mood. A look at some of the favorite design palette for the colder months.

1. Orange

The explosion of the shades of Orange warms the Interior and creates comfort. Complete details in red, ochre and Brown,Orange accents create a feeling of sunlight. Rich textures and prints fabrics complement the luxurious interior.

2. neutral tones

Neutral tone does not mean boring Interior. Vanilovoto, kremavoto and white blends wonderfully with dark tones likeBordeaux and chocolate. This contrast creates interest in premises not to be too intrusive. Even with the meager natural light in the short winter days, the Interior will shine in bright colors.

3. Golden

If you want to achieve a luxurious and at the same time unobtrusive effect, choose Golden shades and combine pastel tones of blue and green. Natural shade of zolotistyj can be combined with voluminous fabrics and decorative techniques,like flax, metalikovi details and faux leather. This chic interior and luxurious palette you can celebrate winter.

4. Chocolate

Rich shades of Brown was exceptional in the more spacious interiors, he stresses, without their narrows visually. Brown walls are the perfect backdrop for the details in the cream and vanilla, and accents in soft tones of portokalovoto andkobaltovoto.

5. Purple

Slivovoto, amethyst and patladžanenoto is a beautiful combination, whose flamboyant nature does not allow Interior to become dull or gray. In combination with chocolate and beige colours, these bright shades create a balanced palette withnew presence in the winter style. Coverage highlights contrast against the neutral details and are a wealth of one and a halfin the fall.

6. Brown and beige

Stoplete cold winter months with a palette that includes Brown, chocolate and beige shades. Complement dark Burgundyand soft prints, these shades are warm and welcoming interior. If the room has a window large enough to provide amplenatural light, your House will be more pleasant on cold and cloudy winter days.

7. Green

Soft green tones on the walls are the perfect backdrop for wood tones in the Interior. This friendly and cosy House is bothexciting and bright, gentle and harmonious. Chess texture on the floor in a part of the Interior contrasts nicely on the floorin another part of the room. The emphasis in design was made not so much for the how to carefully selected details.

8. Vanilovo

Delicate vanilla shade, combined with abanosovite details, creates a fresh and spectacular design. Accents in Brown andgreen pastel palette perfectly complement the otherwise minimalist furnished Interior. Natural wood adds organic emphasis on miksturata glass, acrylic and lacquer items.

9. Pink

Soft pink tones, with a great choice for cold winter days, especially if combined with proper additional tones, abanosovo, cream and beige. Against the backdrop of this medicine away from color and pleasant, unobtrusive contrast in the palette, pink creates a mood and carries the particles of the colors of summer.

10. Wood tone

The combination of cold and warm tones in the Interior can be particularly interesting. Golden oak wood tone, for example,combines great with opušenite shades of the upholstery. Smetana white carpet is not stresses the darker shades on walls and brings together all the details. Highlights include chocolate and Indigo, and effectively stand out against the backdrop of neutral tones in the Interior.

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