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Декабрь 30, 2014 By: admin Category: Living room

21-2  Not all are able to get quite a spacious apartment. What if for the reception there is a spare room?

In many small apartments combine the living room with a bedroom. In these rooms in the centre of attention is the sofa bed. It is a sofa bed provides the functionality of the room. Therefore, his choice should be approached with great responsibility.

All sofas are conditionally divided several main groups: the sofa with sliding sheets, sofas, books, sofas, sliding forward. Also in the sofa can be provided by a special system for storage of linen and pastel accessories.

The interior design is very important to harmoniously match the shape of the sofa and the color of its upholstery. But since you often use, in the first place, the sofa should be reliable. Good sofa should be sufficiently durable, easy to fold, not to creak at the same time, and still have a good combination of quality and price.


In small apartments, as a rule, are very few places where you can store personal items and clothing. As a small apartment not to clutter the closets, to solve such a problem will help some tricks. For example, the wardrobe will not take up much space and can easily fit in any corner or a special niche. Well, if the Cabinet will have sliding mirror doors. Mirror doors visually make the room more spacious.

For rooms with limited space it is better to choose multifunctional furniture for the apartment. Excellent space saving small living room will become a table-transformer, which looks like a small bedside table, and when visitors come, easily replaces the usual buffet. You can find and folding chairs, which if necessary can easily fit in a closet or pantry.


In order to properly dispose of the room and divide it into functional areas just need to put on the floor the usual carpet and hang on the wall of the multilevel shelves. And to emphasize the recreation area or the working area by using halogen lamps as ceiling and embedded in the floor.

Visually enlarge the room will help the bookcase with open shelves. On the shelves you can place magazines, books and even the dishes. This rack is great for small spaces, because invisible mounting shelves creates a feeling of lightness.

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