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Декабрь 26, 2014 By: admin Category: Furniture

1-3 Models of furniture from Italy are updated so quickly that a simple buyer can barely keep up with news.

Furniture manufacturers every year happy new collections.

Italian furniture is unique in terms of design decisions, completeness and consistency. You will find not individual items of furniture, and the opportunity to choose modules in the kit on your own taste and desire. Typically, furniture Italy is manufactured in accordance with high quality standards.
Manufacturers and suppliers provide bedrooms, dining rooms, furniture, cabinets from Italy. The classic collection is made in the style of «Baroque», «Louis XVI» from wood, carved, gilt and inlaid. Dining rooms, bedrooms and offices are also presented from the latest modern materials.
1-4  In the dining room is a dining set, chairs, table, small chairs, a Necessary element of the interior of the Cabinet for appliances and utensils. Furniture from Italy is practical and easy.

Modules with drawers and shelves are ideal for storage of additional devices, tablecloths and napkins.
Respectable and solid look of the rooms in the classic version. A compulsory element of the Cabinet writing Desk and bookcases decorated antique. Elegant look with simple lines and shapes, painted surfaces, rich colors.
A special pride of the Italians — bedrooms.
Luxury and thoughtful design will turn your bedroom into a haven of peace and bliss, without losing the convenience and functionality.
Italian bedroom has wood warm natural shades.

Grace gives wrought iron elements, carving, patina, insert, stone, metal decorations.
Popular in bedrooms white color that looks good under sunlight and dim lights.
Strict lines of drawers, wardrobes and bedside tables can be accentuated with carved decoration and rounded pilasters.
While the large, spacious closets will visually expand the space due to the presence of the mirrored doors of the large size.

An elegant solution — bedroom modern Italy. It all depends on how you see your home, what style are decorated with one or another location.

Despite the fickle fashion design, Italian furniture is always in demand, it is timeless and inevitable change.


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