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How to choose a chandelier in the living room, bedroom or kitchen

Декабрь 07, 2014 By: admin Category: Interior and design

kauhnyu  The chandelier is an essential element in the decoration of the room. It should be selected in accordance with the General style of the room.

How not to get lost in the market of lighting equipment and to make a really decent selection of chandeliers in the house?

The main light.

Choosing a chandelier, it should be remembered that the main function of it is the lighting. Lighting not only sets the overall tone of the room, but also affects the health of people in this room. Too bright light hurts the eye and can be very tiring, about worthwhile to remember when choosing a chandelier in the bedroom. In a poorly lit, dark room constantly sleepy.

To choose a chandelier is necessary in accordance with power and lighting, and it will be individual for each room. You can calculate power by calculating the volume of the room. And you can use the standard indicators. So how to choose a chandelier in the hall is quite difficult, you should consider that they require power lighting 150-300W, kitchen — 120 -150 watts, and the bathrooms 80-100 watts.

In addition, when choosing a chandelier in the kitchen, pay attention to the electric lamp. Soft, pleasant light give the classic incandescent bulbs. However, they have small efficiency is only 5% and ourselves very hot.

Fluorescent lamps are shining white cold light, which, however, quickly tiring on the eyes. The advantages of such lamps can be attributed to the fact that they are 5 times more efficient than incandescent bulbs. So, 20 W fluorescent lamp for his work comparable to a 100 watt classic light bulb. Their disadvantage is the higher price of these lamps.

The chandelier in the interior

You should consider the appearance of the chandelier, the room sizes and style of the interior. A massive chandelier classic design is suitable only for spacious rooms with high ceiling. Otherwise, it will occupy a lot of space and look ridiculous.

In some cases it is preferable to use several light sources: in the bedroom needed the lamps at the bedside, in the hallway look great paired sconce, mounted in front of a mirror, without a table lamp not submit workplace, and the kitchen is not representable without lamps over the table.

Choosing a chandelier, you should also pay attention on its base. It is necessary that he was standard. Otherwise, your chandelier will be hard to find bulbs. By the way, it is better if these are simple, common, forms, and not pretentious unusual.

Before buying, ask the consultant about the features of the installation and operation of the chandeliers. However, it is better, if the installation of chandeliers will deal with professionals.

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