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HOW TO CHOOSE Entrance metal doors

Ноябрь 08, 2015 By: admin Category: Doors

96-5445In Soviet times, people do not think about replacing the doors.

As established in the construction of the wooden door of the house, so it has not changed, and no one, except that the added and changed the lock knobs. Now the metal doors were replaced by wood, but their quality leaves much to be desired. Instilling a new high-rise building, the first thing people are changing the door on these solid iron. In our time, the front door of course is not only to protect your property, but also acts as a kind of design element. She has to fit the style and design to your hallway.Doors are now mass, from the most simple to the elite, and the price includes the cost of materials, which comes with your door. The most common and inexpensive version of this door will cost around ten thousand: a sturdy metal exterior, but inside the single-colored hardboard, such as the color of your wall, well, a maximum of 2 castle.

You can choose a more expensive door, and it will be stronger and more beautiful, and there is already an individual door design and ready-made options.



Outside can be any pattern of iron welded to the web, and inside paneling, carved, painted and treated according to your design. The door will have an improved digital door peephole display and locks, more reliable, for example, «crab».

Collection of four closed doors isolated on white
When choosing a door defined with budget and design of the door and be sure to pay attention to locks. As well they work, and if there is no difficulty with them.

And of course, remember that the door should complement and be in harmony with the interior design of the hall, because it is put for a long time, and you and your guests at the entrance to the apartment in the first place it will look at it.


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