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How to make enamel-plating baths

Декабрь 06, 2014 By: admin Category: Repair

189898  Do not assume that bought Finnish or French bath with twists that will serve you for eternity.

Usually the service life of such plumbing does not exceed 10 years. First of all deteriorate the enamel covering the tub: it formed the chips from mechanical impact, a sudden drop of temperature.

Of course, if there are cracks on the enamel does not need to buy a new plumbing as it is possible to independently carry out restoration of enamel.

The enamel-plating bath to produce just.

We must say that the performance of enameling bath home is not as efficient and durable than carrying out a similar procedure in industrial conditions, because there is the use of specialized equipment, comply with the necessary technology. For example, to cause the enamel on cast iron tub, you need her red-hot heat. Then on the inner surface of the bath sprayed a special enamel powder to lay down an even layer. When interacting with a high temperature, the powder melts and forms a kind of crust, called enamel.

This technology contributes to the fact that bath enamel is 10-15 years. In a domestic environment this procedure enameling is not possible to do. Before enameling bath it is necessary to ensure that this procedure is reasonable. If the tub has only cracks and chips in the enamel, then the enamel-plating their hands permissible.
And if there is deformation and damage on the body of the bath, then the work should be entrusted to professionals or to buy a new tub.

The process of enamelling bath simple.
You need to remove the old enamel cleaning powder with abrasive stone to produce degreasing the surface, then with a dry cloth to wipe it off. You want to make sure that the cleaner case has no deformation, do the first coat, you can buy ready-made or make your own by mixing the hardener and enamel.
After that, the surface must be dry. Then put on the surface of the bath new enamel. You need to know that the new enamel will be bad to hold on to the old, if the preparation of the surface of the bath poorly conducted scraping off the old layer.

And this time-consuming task. In addition, when applying the new enamel brush, so as a special sprayer difficult to get, you should be careful to avoid drips, bubbles on the surface of the bath.
If the old enamel-plating baths seems difficult, you can use another method of restoration: installation of acrylic liner with a thickness of 4 mm, which is not favorable external influences, is a very long time.

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