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How to make interior modern living room?

Декабрь 28, 2014 By: admin Category: Living room

1-6  The most important task when creating the interior of the living room is the selection of furniture. It depends primarily on the intended style of the room. But in addition to the aesthetic attractiveness of the living room should be ergonomic and practical. Currently, interior designers around the world are trying to move away from the former once fashionable furniture walls. And implement in their various projects *dressers*. They can be used for storage of various things, but also play a decorative function. Modern dressers are made of various materials: wood, metal, plastic, glass. Especially impressive look of these materials in combination with each other. Often such a combined model is used in the arrangement of the interior in the style of art Nouveau, art Deco and others. In the manufacture of such bureaus use concise accessories and their shape is simple.


Quite popular was the mixture of styles in which tables, dressers and chairs of different styles are combined in the same interior. However, they share the same color scheme or some General details.
Great popularity currently enjoyed by the Scandinavian style in the interior. It differs deliberate rudeness forms.
The main material in these interiors is a tree.

It is used not only in furniture design, but also in the decoration of the floor, ceiling and walls. The most striking element of the interior in this style is the rocking chair.

They are made of wood and wicker, modern varieties of plastic.
Often these chairs are decorated with textiles with national patterns of peoples of the North or tartan plaids.
Particularly impressive this composition looks in combination with a fireplace and carpet.
This fireplace can only be an imitation.

In addition, the rocking chair fits well with the interiors with English, Italian and classical motifs. For example, the Italian South porch is complete without a light wicker chairs made of wicker or rattan, supplemented as tables and chairs.
Thus, modern interior designers recommend not to forget the traditional pieces of furniture when creating a modern and practical furnishings in the living room, because they possess not only high aesthetic qualities, but the ergonomics, which is so much needed in the modern pace of our lives.

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