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1xsd  Today the main population began to think more and to choose materials for construction and repair, clean.

First of all, mankind has been put on the first place of care and their health, gradually displacing the type of material that is harmful properties and quality and is harmful to health and the environment. Often you can observe the manifestation of style intertwined with comfort and natural harmony.

For example, a product such as plastic became quickly popular and in demand, then just as quickly lost their need, as shows the chemical odor in the room. Placing it in an apartment or private home, clean scent instantly replaced by a heavy, unpleasant aroma. Of course, it will also affect the healthy body.

There are a lot of other building materials are not suitable for internal furnish of premises, they have harmful volatile compounds and impurities. Besides the material about normal production standards, can be produced from low-quality product and ingredient. This product is easy to identify on the market, as it is a product that has not been certified. This product is often covered by non-specialized stores or trays, the product is fake or not qualitative.

Reproducing maintenance, it is important to realize that cheap or expensive product is not a guarantee of quality and sustainability. Make sure that selling the product had a license, such as modern artificial material will be made on the basis of requirements that are not harmful to health and can be better than the natural product.

The distinctive feature of this product can be not only pure, but also the degree of frequency, these products do not create and do not accumulate dirt. The beauty you have chosen, it may spread and completely clog up all the space in the house.

One of such materials are vinyl Wallpapers are bright, colorful and quite beautiful.

Today, vinyl Wallpaper is one of the most popular wall coverings.

For all its beauty and brilliance, they emit harmful volatile substances, which are very dangerous for health. Few people will feel the damage immediately on the second day, but staying for some time, health begins to sound the alarm. Vinyl Wallpaper on the basis of PVC have the outer layer is polyvinyl chloride, which is by no means harmless.

The composition of different types of Wallpaper is not only PVC, as well as using different plasticizers and chemical additives that enhance and improve the quality and formaldehyde paintings. Vinyl Wallpaper consists of a chemical cocktail of different stabilizers, anti-fungal and pigment additives.

Many manufacturers claim that the product is environmentally friendly, which during processing; all chemical harmful substances, but no one has confirmed that that they disappeared and weathered required for many years. The owner of the apartment, you have to seek out and invent reasons, constant weakness and headache, often manifests itself the body the presence in the air phenolic vapors.

The best and the best place to stay is the wooden house, situated near the forest, of course today in the world of modern technologies, few have the courage to live. We are more attracted to urban life, no matter what, and it’s just as nice. Therefore, what comfort would you choose, try artificial world a little closer to natural and organic. Make your life comfortable environment, clean fresh air, even if it is vented, air-conditioned system, it does not matter, but let it be the quality.

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