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fo7  The desire to make the house or the apartment cozy and comfortable is present at each owner of housing.

And it isn’t surprising, after all so there is a wish to come after work home and to forget about labor everyday life. For this reason people resort to various ways of registration of the housing.

Apartment renovation – occupation quite responsible and difficult, after all it is necessary to consider the wish everyone living therefore for finishing of walls the most different finishing materials of different producers get out. If material qualitative, so it serves and be pleasing more long to the eye, but only the companies which have sufficient experience can make it.

Now began to apply photowall-paper which introduce a certain highlight in design of the room to finishing of rooms. They pertinently look in any interior as the buyer can pick up and color scale and texture of photowall-paper independently.

To pokleit wall-paper, it is necessary to prepare walls the same as under usual wall-paper. Also the owner of the apartment should be bought special glue in advance.

The surface under photowall-paper needs to be cleared of garbage and dust, to proshpaklevat and remove plinths. The wall surely has to be equal without defects differently wall-paper will lay down not exactly.
After that stage it is necessary to start a pokleyka.

Now there are some ways to paste photowall-paper to a wall: with an overlap and end-to-end. It is best of all to entrust the first way to the professional though it is possible to try to execute independently.

All fragments of photowall-paper need to be numbered to facilitate the work. Pokleyka has to begin with a corner. The steep line on which wall-paper is leveled is applied on a wall.

After that the cloth which is previously greased with glue is driven into the corner by means of the roller from the middle to the brim that inside didn’t remain air. Correctly pasted wall-paper won’t have joints, and their seams will be ideally equal.

Most often for a pokleyka of photowall-paper use a way with an overlap. He assumes slotting a seam at the end of work. It is in such a way best of all to glue textural wall-paper, and their seam is cut on crude material.

It is best of all to entrust a pokleyka of photowall-paper to the professional. Then you will be able to enjoy a beautiful look without defects.

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