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Repair of a small kitchen

Декабрь 07, 2014 By: admin Category: Repair

itchen2  Often, small things present big problems, and repair of small kitchens is a difficult task for the owner.

It seems that the smaller the space, the easier and faster to put everything in order.

In the case of repair of a small kitchen, things are totally different. In this room you need to place the necessary furniture, sink, refrigerator, electric stove, dining table. Imagine renovated kitchen 6 sq m and you will soon become clear to the complexity of the task.

Interior designers offer a very interesting design ideas small kitchen, which is based on rational planning pieces of furniture, picking at a convenient space for the hostess.
Thus, built-in hob there beside drawers for pots and pans. Oven features at the level of the tabletop, refrigerator built in vertical the pencil drawer. The result is a set of kitchen furniture, which can be conveniently placed along one of the walls in the kitchen.

If the kitchen to make such a layout, the lady produced a lot of space in order to organize a dining area. In this situation, the repair of a small kitchen plan easier. On the wall where it will be installed in kitchen furniture, put the apron of decorative ceramic tiles. The rest of the walls should be carefully aligned with putty and painted to match the surface of the facades.
The rest of the wall if possible and desired, to Wallpaper or to decorate wall panels.
And for flooring fit and linoleum, laminate, and tile.

During the repair of a small kitchen by using design techniques can be emphasized with a dining area, highlighting its mosaics or change color. On the walls you can install additional light fixtures that will be in harmony with the overall style of cuisine. Part of the wall near the table can be covered with decorative panels, previously having painted her a little brighter than the rest of the surface. There is another option to turn this space in the panel.

During the repair of a small kitchen most owners come to the conclusion that the use of a folding table will be much easier. In this case, the table should be a natural extension of the panel, the two parts of the interior must be made of the same color and texture of the material.
In short, the repair of small dishes, this is an opportunity for different activities, the opportunity to Express their imagination.

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