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yuyuy  The main destination of a living room is a vacation spot, reception of guests.

The design of this room has to correspond to mood of owners. In this room has to be conveniently and pleasantly receive guests, celebrate holidays, and on weekdays to have a rest from work.
If the room for a drawing room big – problems with a choice of design and arrangement of such room of problems doesn’t arise, and here what to do if a drawing room small? Councils of modern designers, and also specialists of construction companies who entered SRO will help with it and have a wide experience in construction and repair.
Re-planning of the room
The interior of a small drawing room can be made so that the room will become lighter and is more spacious. Very often apply re-planning to expansion of the area of the room.

The drawing room is connected to kitchen or a balcony. For this purpose dismantle walls, however before work it is necessary to learn, what wall is bearing in the house. If it is impossible to pull down a wall, it is possible to apply more sparing option – to create a niche or an arch instead of a doorway.
Colors in a drawing room
The great value in perception of space is color scale. Visually to expand a small drawing room, it is impossible to use dark tone. The best friend of the small area of the room are light tone.
Also for expansion of space, it is necessary to clean from the room excess home decoration – furniture, various figures, things which aren’t applied from the practical point of view.

Besides, the room is cluttered up less, the more natural lighting will arrive inside. Also lighting of such room needs to be distributed on all area.
Fireplace for a drawing room
In private houses the living room is decorated with a fireplace. For apartments producers thought up electrofireplaces which allow suit a home and at the right time to warm the room.
Drawing room bedroom
The small drawing room can serve and a bedroom if the apartment one-room and the excess room for a dream isn’t present. For this purpose the drawing room is divided into two zones – a recreation area and a dream.



For the small areas as divisions it is possible to use curtains, racks or partitions from gypsum cardboard. Thus the zone of a dream needs to be placed far away from doors, where least of all noise.
We hope, these councils will help you to organize correctly space in the small room and to create the design helping to plunge into the cozy house atmosphere.

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