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me00  Furniture made of expensive wood, not lost its relevance in our time.

In the end of any wood material in comparison with artificial already is more prestigious. Once solely the Palace furniture, modern decorates the interiors of the houses of the 21st century, is an indicator of the status of its owner. What is such a high popularity of such furniture for several centuries?Let’s give the answer to this question in our article.


Benefits of expensive wood furniture


The cost of exclusive furniture sometimes just rolls over. However, it is safe to say that it has a number of obviousadvantages over cheaper counterparts. But first, let’s explore the features of some of the most popular types of valuable wood.

Manufacture of furniture made of oak, cherry, walnut, maple, provides high quality, durability, durability in operation. A special demand oak. In addition to external nobility received the prestige of holder furniture, Oak draws its aesthetic side.Such nobility of texture more like supporters of traditional styles of Interior Design.

Beech and ash have a special strength. Wood pliable for processing, it is easy to work with due to the plasticity and flexibility. Even the rough and aggressive forms of furniture become a finesse.
Cherry was particularly loved by artists. The elegant wood furniture, it is suitable for intricate carving, stained glass,decoration or custom shapes.
About the well-being and good taste can tell mahogany furniture. Beautiful texture, warm hues combined with resistance to the pest, wood durability, make this luxury furniture products. Used wood rosewood and kempasa.
Ebony was used in ancient Egypt to make caskets for the temples of the Pharaohs. In the Roman Empire, particularly valuedfurniture from ebony, today it is recognized as one of the most expensive.
Particularly attracts with its silky patterned fibers on pinkish background of Australian tree pink.
Here are just a few of the valuable breeds of wood used for the manufacture of furniture, whereas in the Russian market, there are no tens. Obvious advantages of valuable wood species is increased strength and durability. This means that it will last a generation. At antique fairs often can be seen the old furniture of noble families that survived the centuries and with proper care can last as much again. Interior decorations from expensive wood look very exclusive and solid. They highlightthe status of the owner and his desire to make the House more comfortable and stylish.
Disadvantages of furniture of precious wood
It is obvious that the main drawback of exclusive types of wood is its cost. Not every Russian can afford such luxuries at home. In spite of high strength, causing serious damage to heavily reduce the price of the product and lead to costly repairs.
The price factor: how to find good wood furniture at low cost
When you select expensive furniture, pay attention to the price factor, such as inaccessibility and the rarity of the tree.Generally, you will find no less than exclusive wood, the price will be lower than the equivalent from distant places andcountries. The quality of the wood and solid little will be different.
The most logical step in the search for low cost options to view the available wood is valuable offers from domesticmanufacturers, there are reputable companies with low prices and good quality.

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