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olok-svo2It would seem that the problem is not easier than to paint the ceiling.

But this is only in theory. In practice, the process is not very easy. Today, only the most successful repair of apartments ends happily painting the ceiling. In most buildings housing these elements have such poor condition that one painting their appearance is not correct. Very often, the owners of such buildings have to order the alignment ceiling, mount hinged design or drywall.

Before painting the ceiling, to get rid of all unnecessary elements in it from the previous layers to keep the bad plaster. The next point — the total surface of the primer. It is necessary to prevent the occurrence of the fungus. After her many use as a penetrating primer, followed by Shpatlevanie ceiling parallel elimination of all remaining defects, cracks, protrusions, and so on. D. Putty is recommended as long as the entire ceiling is smooth and beautiful. After will grind irregularities (if still remained), and to make final primer surface. Only then can be applied paint.

What paint to choose

At any hardware store or on the market you can find the paint for the ceiling of several species. From chalk and lime to make cheap, malostoykie afraid of water and mineral paints. On the basis of polyvinyl acetate PVAc produced coloring solutions which also react poorly water, moreover, tend to turn yellow during use. Silicate paint from a liquid glass and water are excellent for dry rooms, cheap, but contact with water also can not stand. A more reliable option — acrylic and acrylic latex paints are not afraid of water and humidity, well close up minor defects ceiling. Finally, the ideal solution may be a water-based silicone paint effect. They are well behaved during the operation, and in all the rooms: from the wet bath to hot dishes.

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