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The advantages and disadvantages of Studio apartments

Декабрь 05, 2014 By: admin Category: Interior and design

jjjfToday gained great popularity in the Studio apartments.

With this construction companies increasingly offer apartments without internal partitions, which allows owners to experiment with the contents of their homes.
The Studio apartment is a single space kitchen and living room that allows you to increase the visual size of a Studio apartment and to create a convenient and comfortable accommodation.
Apartment without partition between living room and kitchen looks more spacious, and the furniture arrangement, you can use a large area. It allows you to carry out any design ideas that you can look at the interior exhibitions.

In addition, the Studio apartment is ideal for those who like their house parties.
For families who have young children, the apartment will not leave children unattended, even during cooking.

And in addition, the plan will help to combine the kitchen, workshop or area for creativity.
Like any kind of plan Studio apartment has its disadvantages.

Such planning can only be done in the brick house. If the house was originally the panel, to carry the extra partition is impossible.
In addition, to make such alterations in the brick house need to get permission from the Housing office, and this is not all.
The smells of food in this apartment will be distributed throughout the area, and to prevent this, it is necessary to create optimal ventilation. If one person wants to relax, others will inevitably hinder it.
Due to the lack of a partition between the kitchen and bathroom, kitchen dirt and grease can settle on upholstered furniture, computer, TV and other interior items, and so owners will need to clean the apartment.
About the solitude of the Studio apartment will forget.

On the one hand this is good, but when you consider that sometimes one wants to spend time alone, in an apartment it will be a real problem, unless it lives one person.
The presence of defects in the apartment-Studio is not to say that this option is the worst of all possible alterations.

If competently to approach the work from a Studio apartment, you can make a cozy Studio, which will not only help to visually expand the space, but will allow you to spend time at home.


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