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The division of the living space into zones

Декабрь 06, 2014 By: admin Category: Interior and design

18  The apartment has both advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantage of this apartment is freedom of action and space. If a large area is not divided into zones, it may soon get bored, will bring discomfort.

You need to remove the partition between rooms, to combine them with a kitchen and a corridor, then you will get a new building, which will need to have multiple places for different activities.

Everyone needs to have a place where you can sit, have lunch, do not feel behind 20 meters of empty space. It should be secluded area, where you can read your favorite book in silence. There is a kitchen area, dining room, watching TV, socializing, work, leisure. To visually separate these zones need to use the tips.

Tip 1. You need to choose a different color, the texture of the floor, with contrasting or similar shade. Rug or carpet is going to be suitable for the bedroom and recreation room, living room or nursery, stone slabs or tiles suitable for hallway, kitchen, bathroom, flooring will be appropriate in the office, living room, dining room.

The surface changes is free, not fixed. But it is interesting to beat transitions from one material to another with the help of some element. Border 2 zones can serve as a podium, which raises one area over another. For example, to separate the entrance hall with ceramic floor from the living room, which is parquet, or to separate the kitchen and dining area.

Tip 2. You can create a drop ceiling or arch between the living room and kitchen area. Duplex ceiling contributes to the illumination device using reflected light from under the eaves, to emphasize so some area of space. To highlight interior items (sofa, table, etc) on them often hold the ceiling with a complicated configuration, equipped with a canopy, with frosted glass. This lamp will illuminate the area.

The lighting, which is based on the ceiling, is a powerful organizational tool, zoning interior. Depending on the type of light, direct or reflected changing the way the character of the zoning.

Tip 3. Here you can use one or several columns as zoned tools, and decor. Columns can be used not bulky, and not of stone. Today there is not much expensive, durable materials and finishes to create any shape, such as drywall.

Tip 4. You can play with lighting. For example: to illuminate the working area, and recreation area be left in the dark. You can do the same with a dining area, if you leave a bright light on the working surfaces of the dishes.

I advise you not to use Central ceiling light, because it was not fashionable, besides, it’s not comfortable. But to abandon the ceiling is not necessary, because it is an important element zoning of the premises, it can be used to hide or to designate the space, its individual items. For example, stylish picture hanging on the wall.

Tip 5. You can use the bar. It is not only a functional item, which replaces the kitchen is a large dining table, it is a visual barrier that separates the kitchen from the space of the apartment.

Tip 6. The Studio apartment also has disadvantages. When we zanimaemya cooking, she burns, remains garbage. In principle, it is possible and ventilate. What about furniture, carpets, curtains? Tissues absorb the smell like a sponge. If you make between living and kitchen area, sliding wall, then at any point in the past, you can «hide». Another plus — partition is protected from noise. At any time you can remove, so it’s not a burden.

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