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The interior of a bedroom — zoning

Декабрь 07, 2014 By: admin Category: Bedroom

inte776 Bedroom for many of us is a place to sleep and rest, how better to delineate the space of the bedroom, for our convenience.

The main element of any bedroom is the bed, near her bedside table with a small table lamps or sconces placed on either side of the bed.

In the relaxation area, you can put a comfortable chair, special comfort lovers can choose a rocking chair or a massage chair.
When choosing lighting, is to stop your eyes on the lamp, which harmoniously fit into the interior of a bedroom, also not out of place for the recreation area will be a small coffee table where you can have a book to read before bed or a pile of fresh Newspapers.

If your apartment is too little space to allocate for the bedroom is a separate room, you can go on compromises.
In the interior of a bedroom will easily fit a dressing room. Using a dressing room, you can relieve the apartment, and the bedroom from extra cabinets and drawers.
To save space, walk-in closet can be made on the principle of sliding wardrobe with sliding doors.

Arrange the rack in the same style as the bedroom.
Not too much on the facade of your wardrobe Cabinet will be a large mirror the entire height of the Cabinet. The mirror will give more space to your bathroom and will be indispensable when fitting things from your wardrobe.

If you try to maintain your body in good physical shape, equip the corner of my bedroom under a small makeshift gym. And it is not necessary to arrange this area, because most simulators can be folded and hidden under the bed or in a wardrobe. And after the lessons, the bedroom will easily find their original forms.

For lovers of books in the bedroom can be equipped area for shelves or shelves with books.

The zoning in this case can be performed using the built-in lamps and a lower ceiling over by the shelves.
The materials and colors for shelves better to choose the color of the rest of the furniture in the bedroom.
In tight urban conditions, often sleeping room there is as such, in the space of one room you want to place a living room, office, recreation room, games for children and of course the bedroom.
In this case, you will need to show the remarkable ingenuity and make use of various innovative ideas. You can use the podium pencil case, which can be hidden bed until it is used.
This podium can be used as a workstation with computer. Can serve as a guest area, equipped with soft cushions on the podium can be TV and music equipment.

There are so many options, using which, the interior of your bedroom may be radically transformed.
If you can’t find a ready solution or can’t choose just one, consult a professional interior designer, it will help you to choose the optimal solution of the interior of a bedroom.

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