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Декабрь 07, 2014 By: admin Category: Interior and design

et  Soon will start the new year rush. So, let’s get ready for the holidays in advance.

But before you run to the store and buy Christmas decorations and other necessary for the triumph of the little things, let’s talk about the options of interior design.

Styles apartment for the new year

Today we will talk about three main styles of decorating the apartment for Christmas and new year’s days:

1. The traditional style will always be in fashion. But how to get the «tradition»? For this you will need decorations of red shades. This color has become so commonplace for Christmas decor. And that bright red is not «strained», you can dilute it with parts of white or Golden colors.

The main parts for decoration you will:

Christmas toys (no more than 2-3 species)
garlands with solid color lanterns
2. Gold and bronze: chic and luxury. Indeed, these colors always we associate with something expensive and elite. For new year’s interior, these shades fit perfectly.

For decoration of the apartment you will need:

Christmas balls 3 colors (gold, bronze, copper, you can only choose 2 colors)
gold star (where the same without her?)
vase, executed in gold or copper
garland, it is best to take those that glow in the same color (yellow or white)

3. White and green: the freshness and lightness. green and blythi, on the one hand, winter, cool, and on the other juicy and warm interior will definitely give you a Christmas mood.

To decorate the apartment in a similar style, take:

Christmas ornaments 3 colors (mainly white, some green and silver), the more profitable they will be looking toy with a matte surface,
vases of white color (by the way, instead of colors, you can put them in spruce twigs),
green ribbon (they can decorate the balls),
white snowflakes (you can buy them or make it yourself),
garlands or any other type backlight white.
To add the resulting new interior refinement, can use clear bowls and vases.

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